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Visual Roulette systems are very different from the standard and discredited mathematical roulette systems. With the visual form of roulette play we are using a combination of both the mathematical and more significantly, the physical factors, such as ball spin, wheel and ball speeds and how these are affected by the local environmental conditions of the casino.

Some roulette wheels will offer the roulette pro a sizeable winning edge, where another that looks identical, will not. Again, this is all about the physical characteristics of an individual roulette wheel, often referred to as a roulette wheel signature. The good roulette wheel characteristics are what the professional is seeking and thus roulette wheel prospecting becomes an important feature of pro roulette play and naturally, these signatures that we look for, are all demonstrated on the Jafco roulette playing manuals.

Casino Roulette dealers, also known as roulette croupiers, may at times have a repetitive physical throw of both the ball and wheel. It’s easy to imagine how they will occasionally turn on the roulette auto pilot, where they become more focused on staying awake and the payouts, rather than deliberately mixing up the roulette spins. It’s not actually just a case of throwing everything in a repetitive way, as this on its own would not yield a long term margin. This auto style of roulette is known as the roulette dealer’s signature and tracking the roulette dealer’s spin pattern can be highly profitable.

Whilst on the subject of the casino croupier’s dealing pattern, it may of interest to view one of the videos on the Jafco roulette film network where we can see the rare sight of 4 roulette numbers in a row caught on camera ! I made this video to show how strong the roulette patterns can be, and please bear in mind that it should have taken nearly 2 million film takes to get this clip but when the conditions are good and the dealer is on auto…..anything can happen!

Visual roulette prediction versus software prediction is a more complex comparison in that we are dealing with a variety of human skill levels and variations of system understanding as well. These human factors play a vital role for both the visual and computer style of roulette prediction. There are also factors of practicality and legality that should all be considered when making a proper comparison. At the end, some will want to take advantage of the superior accuracy of computer roulette systems and others who perhaps play in Las Vegas or have a very high level of special awareness, may select the visual form of the roulette game.

I am often asked about air ball roulette and how to beat the electronic wheels. Providing the wheel has the type of characteristics that we look for, it will all be down to whether or not the ball and wheel are decelerating in a natural way and at what point we must bet. It’s fine to fire the roulette ball with a shot of compressed air but to keep it rolling with varying levels of air pressure would distort the game so much that it can hardly be called a game of roulette. Furthermore, if the wheel had random breaks, this too would be a negative roulette system factor, though not always impossible to overcome.

There are players who seem to win well sometimes and others who seem to lose every time they play. In this instance, I am not referring to the pro player but the normal roulette gamblers. At first glance this may not seem possible because they are both playing within the same negative house edge. In fact, it will all be down to their selected roulette system strategy and the guy who plays a few spins with a few numbers could win enough to stop, where the other player covers the layout with bets, and even when he gets winners he is never up enough to walk. The difference is that the loser will last longer but the other player will laugh louder. You can find out more on how to cut losses at roulette.

Whether we are playing the American double Zero roulette in Las Vegas or the European style roulette in London our method remains the same. With the visual style of roulette, we select our betting numbers directly from the spinning roulette wheel, and from a very precise point at a very precise moment. In other words we are looking at the numbers when we select them to bet and so we simply see either the American or European roulette layouts.

One of the better known physical roulette systems is known as the roulette number bias system. It all comes down to the imperfections of the roulette wheel and how hot numbers can start hitting because of a particular roulette wheel flaw.

The visual game also involves imperfections of the roulette wheel, which then create a different type of result, though still a biased result, rather than a random result. Roulette wheel prospecting is a very important part of the pro game
The Jafco Roulette network includes 5 websites, 40 YouTube videos and dozens of roulette information articles. Search around and find the best method that suits your own circumstances and roulette conditions. 
There is a lot of information for the successful roulette professional player within my rulette system articles, though the majority is aimed at the more average players. I hope you enjoy your search for the best method to play roulette and in my view it needs to be a game style that utilizes all the key physical factors of roulette.

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